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We have put together a section on frequently asked questions. These questions are arranged in groups. Select a group to go to the list of questions included, then select the question you want answered.

faq's : questions on payment
How does charging work?
How do I pay my virtual web hosting bill?
How do I get a VAT invoice for my accounts?
How do I know how much I am paying for my hosting service?

Is there a charge for cancelling?

creating an account
  • You can buy your virtual web hosting option online. Simply review the product options or comparisons table, decide on the option for your business needs and select buy. You'll then be asked to register your details and accept our terms and conditions. Once you've confirmed these and your hosting option, an account number and password will be generated automatically. Now you're ready to set up your domain name, mailboxes, webserver, etc and publish your website to the Internet.
general - web hosting and the internet?
How does the Internet work?
What is web hosting?
Why should I have a website?
What other advantages are there to having my own website?
How long will it take me to get my Website up and running?
Can a private individual have his or her own website?
What is meant by a mailbox?
faq's : product
Other ntl products
ntl virtual web hosting queries
Customer service queries
faq's : domain registration
What is a Domain Name?
Why should I register a domain name?
Will I be charged for registering my domain name?
Do I own my domain name after it has been registered?
Is there a charge for making changes to my domain name?
How should I choose a domain name (web address)?
How do I know if the domain name I want for my business or organisation is available?

How will I know that my domain name has been registered?

Why do domain names have so many different endings?

What are associated domain names?

What is a domain name Dispute Policy?

What does multiple domain names mean?


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