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routed ISDN

Routed ISDN access is the ideal solution for business who do not need a permanent connection to the Internet but who require periodic exchanges of high volumes of data.

With routed ISDN, you simply pay for what you use. The service can be provided through an ISDN line dedicated to Internet Access or through a shared TelFax/Internet line*.

Key Features include

  • Fast 64kbs access for large file transfer
  • Call based charges - just paying for what you use
  • Router included, with a half-day on-site configuration by an ntl engineer
  • Award-winning customer and technical support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

What you need

An ISDN line installed to your building (if you do not have an ISDN line already, ntl can install one as part of a bundled package)

*To use an ISDN line for the telephone or Fax you will need digital equipment

account number

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